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Video 1: Why You Shouldn’t Choose Your Property Manager on Fee Structure Alone

One of the most common questions we’re asked is: What is your fee structure? Or, how much do you charge? And, it’s to be honest with you a little bit frustrating from our perspective, because we can see that it’s actually the wrong question to ask. And when I’m trying to offend people when we say that but, if the biggest mistake most people make is they focus on the fee structure alone. And they choose the agent who’s got the lowest fee the one they also think is least capable of actually managing their property effectively for them.

And I sort of coined a phrase “A cheap property manager can be very expensive “, and by that I mean through a few examples is: poor tenant selection, you know rental arrears those tenants go on caused damage to the property over and above fair wear and tear, and they leave the property. I mean, rent the damage and cleaning can actually cost you two to three years’ worth of management fees.

So, we find owners around shopping you know investors shopping for what’s often the difference in about five dollars a week in management fees you know between us and somebody else. And they make these poor decisions and they go with agents who do a pool where you get what you pay for, and they do a poor job of managing the property. Now, the investment properties are one of the most valuable things people own, so why would you go and spend half a million dollars on purchasing the property to then turn around and skimp on paying for someone to manage that asset for you.

It’s an investment in good property manager is the key. Someone’s going to maintain that property to its highest and best value, put good quality tenants in there at a good rent that is stay minimal wear and tear. And create a high yield for you, often making you more, a lot more money than you’ll save, by picking an agent than cheap fees alone.

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Selling through another agent could cost you thousands!

Selling And Buying Again Can Be Costly For Investors

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