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There is always someone willing to manage your property cheaper, and you get what you pay for!

  • Discount providers appear attractive & have to offer cheap fees to lure & secure new business + they hide $ in the fine print vs Bluestones open & transparent fees.

  • It’s unsustainable to charge management fees less than 7.5% in QLD, so investors must consider the sustainability of discount providers.

  • Cost-cutting agencies can’t afford staff experienced at mitigating your loss or for the essential tools required to manage & increase the value of your property.

  • Cheap discount agencies cut corners to make money, e.g. tenant selection, inspections, maintenance, reporting, and chasing your rent.

  • Reduced fees seem good, but you think you’re saving $4 a week only for it to end up costing you $10 a week in hidden costs!

  • Bluestone will make you more money than you are trying to save with high rent low vacancy periods.

  • Cut-rate fees usually cost investors a lot more money in the long run than are trying to save so some food for thought:

  • At your expense, cheap agents advertise rents below-market value making them easier to rent.

  • Poor management affects property value costing you tens of thousands of dollars in lost equity when it comes time to refinance or sell.

  • Invest in a quality property manager – it’s much cheaper than learning from your mistakes.

Bluestone Property Management & Sales is the real estate agent that savvy Investors use when renting out their rental property/properties in Brisbane Queensland (QLD). Why because Bluestone’s Property Managers maximise the rental yield and minimise the stress involved in managing their units, apartments, townhouse and houses. Additionally, Bluestones Property Management Fees (commission charges) provide excellent value for money, so if things aren’t stacking up with your current agency give the Team at Bluestone a call.

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Managing Director & Principal Licensee

Bluestone – Property Management For Wealth Creation

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WARNING!!! – Cheap Property Managers Can End Up Being Very Expensive!

WARNING!!! – Cheap Property Managers Can End Up Being Very Expensive!


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