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Why selling through secondary agents can cost you thou$ands!

Selling real estate is a major financial decision, and something that most people do only a few times in their life, so why would you choose an agency that you don’t know and trust? Most other secondary agents focus on selling owner-occupied properties, so their lack of experience and consideration for your tenants can often result in undesirable outcomes and/or financial loss.  As the primary managing agency for your property, there are several reasons why Bluestone gives you a clear advantage, that ensures that you’ll have the very best outcome possible, if you decide to market your investment property for sale:

  • Bluestone specialise in selling investment properties. Selling tenanted properties is usually much more difficult compared to selling owner-occupied homes, because some tenants often obstruct the sales process, particularly if they don’t know and trust the selling agent. We have first-hand experience of other secondary agents creating major problems with tenants, inspections and sale contract terms, leading to loss of rent, lower sale prices or unsold properties.  100% of the properties we have sold over the last two years are Bluestone tenanted properties.  We have developed specialised marketing strategies for tenanted properties and have the experience to negotiate contract terms that achieve successful outcomes, and great prices!
  • We have a good ongoing relationship with your tenants. As Bluestone is the primary managing agent, your tenants are far more likely to co-operate and not vacate the property prematurely if they are treated respectfully and kept informed during a marketing campaign by the Bluestone team. Secondary selling agents simply do not have the same relationship with your tenants. Bluestone also has a far greater ability to influence your tenants to present the property well and allow access for buyer inspections, compared to other secondary agents.  So Bluestone’s relationship with your tenants gives our sellers a crucial advantage, because having good access to a tidy property greatly increases the chances of good inspections, and higher offers.
  • Bluestone Property is a partner of the original developer of many complexes.  As such, Bluestone also has a unique relationship with the builder and Body Corporate for many complexes.  This means that Bluestone can provide invaluable professional advice to sellers and buyers, because we are often successful in negotiating with the builder to facilitate the rectification of any building defects, should any defects be reported during pre-purchase inspections.
  • You already trust Bluestone to manage your property and receipt tens of thousands of dollars for you annually. Our team have integrity and strive to provide a quality service. We have a strong moral culture, and happy clients are our priority.
  • We have a dedicated Sales Specialist.  Our Sales Manager, Joe Hawes, has 18 years of industry experience as a Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent, and as a Strata/Body Corporate Manager.  His sole purpose is to assist Bluestone clients who are considering selling their investment property.  Joe can provide you with professional, impartial, obligation-free advice on your property in today’s market and can offer you tailored solutions to suit your individual objectives, whether you decide to sell or keep your investment.
  • You need a strong negotiator. When selling your property, you need an assertive, experienced, skilled negotiator who communicates well at all levels, has advanced marketing strategies, the ability to win the trust of tenants and buyers, defend the value of the property, and persuade buyers to pay more than their typical price expectation. This is where Joe can make you many thousands of dollars more than an ordinary salesperson.

Joe Hawes | Sales Manager | ph: 0405 045 381 | email:

Bluestone Property Management & Sales is the real estate agent that savvy Investors use when renting out their rental property/properties in Brisbane Queensland (QLD). Why because Bluestone’s Property Managers maximise the rental yield and minimise the stress involved in managing their units, apartments, townhouse and houses. Additionally, Bluestones Property Management Fees (commission charges) provide excellent value for money, so if things aren’t stacking up with your current agency give the Team at Bluestone a call.



There is always someone willing to manage your property cheaper, and you get what you pay for!

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WARNING!!! – Cheap Property Managers Can End Up Being Very Expensive!


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