We Strive for the best results – Superior yields for you

This is a big statement but is backed by our commitment to you and performance guarantee.

We might not be able to control the market, but we do extract the most out of it.

Whether it be minimising risk, reducing outlays or increasing rents we aim to put more money in your pocket. We work tirelessly to care for one of your biggest assets like it was our own and provide you with the highest possible optimum return on your investment.

Setting the Optimum Rent Price

Setting an achievable rental price is one of the most critical decisions of any investment and can be costly if you get it wrong.

Many clients forget that it is the market that sets the price; not the agent, not the owner and is certainly not based on “the repayment gure for your loan” nor “what you were getting previously”.

Too many times we hear “but we need this much to pay the mortgage”. Whether it be reletting or renewal, we consider all market conditions when assessing rent including the likelihood of any vacancy period.

It is so important to ensure you and your property manager get the price correct.

The Smith’s listened to their property manager and followed the advice, The Jones ignored theirs and believed their property was worth more.

As the market sets the price, inevitably the Jones had to reduce their rent, but not before missing out on 9 weeks income (or $3780)and having to inject their own money into the mortgage.

Vacancy is Lost Income and can never be recovered

Also, be wary of the agent that claims they can get a higher than market rent for you. The reality is that no agent will get you more than the market is willing to pay. Our property managers are experienced in the local market and are the best informed to advise and assist you in determining a fair market rent for your property.