Amanda MacPherson

Property Manager
0411 443 700

Amanda is versatile and has extensive experience in Property Management, Human Resourcing, Workplace Health and Safety and her families cleaning business.


Amanda started working as an Assistant Property Manager ages ago and after several years changed direction into the Aged Care Residential industry. Recently Amanda worked as Operations Manager and Workplace Health and Safety Officer developing business plans with a focus on cost control and revenue growth. Amanda was also involved in the planning and development of a specialist dementia wing to ensure the safety of the high need patients. More recently, Amanda reacted to a call for help from the family business and implemented systems, procedures, checklist and policies to making the business scalable.


Amanda has developed exception managerial skills over her time in aged care and has decided to come back to the Property Management industry to share her knowledge and assist in developing and improving the industry as a whole. Amanda’s communication skills are excellent, and we are proud to have her as part of the Bluestone Property Management & Sales Team.


We asked Amanda’s colleagues to sum her up in a few words:

Amanda is calm and efficient.

Amanda is a go-getter who tells it how it is.

Amanda is down to earth and eager to help.

Amanda is accommodating, kind-hearted and approachable

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