Mark Shorrock

Managing Director & Principal Licensee
0439 979 095

Mark boasts 20 plus years of comprehensive hands-on, industry experience successfully having held every property management, sales and admin role in his parents three real estate agencies over the past 38 years.

Mark brings to Bluestone Property Management a unique skill set rarely seen in the industry enabling him to survive and thrive in boom and bust markets. Additionally, Mark has twelve years’ hospitality experience as an owner-chef, building his businesses turnover by 750%.

A tech-savvy people person whose optimistic outlook and innovative approach have seen him become number one internationally with a previous agency.

Driven and genuinely passionate about helping people, Mark offers his staff and clients a unique balance of insight, operational expertise and commercial acumen coupled with strong people skills.

Mark is dedicated to maximising Bluestone’s client’s returns and minimising the stress involved with owning an investment property!

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