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Why Collaborate with
Bluestone Property Management

Bluestone Property Management is a privately-owned, boutique property manager specialising in maximising total returns for our owner clients.

Born out of a property developer, EkkoPoint, we have a unique skill set tuned to identifying real estate opportunities and increasing overall total property returns.

We pride ourselves on being low-maintenance, high performance, effective communicators and deeply engaged in the markets we service to ensure our owner clients can rest easy knowing we are on top of their precious investment portfolios.

Ben McCarthy CEO

Bluestone Help You Help Your Clients

  • BPM understanding your business model and ensure that established relationships are not only maintained but strengthened.
  • BPM won’t try to sell your clients another company’s stock, and we
    won’t try to convince your clients to sell their property investment.
  • BPM’s Investor Support Services complement your investment advice.
  • BPM’s Independent surveying of Owners and Tenants ensure we are
    continually refining our processes.
  • BPM Presentations available emphasising our USP’s on why and how
    we’ll support your clients financial and property objectives.

Our guarantees
give your clients the confidence they need to buy an investment property through you!

Bluestone Send Your Clients Back to You Sooner with More Equity to Buy Their Next Investment Property!

  • BPM compliment your property investment strategies, maximise the rental yield and minimise the stress while maintaining the capital value of the asset.
  • BPM’s Instant Disbursements mean your clients can make weekly loan repayments reducing the loan term and saving them tens of thousands of dollars on interest.
  • BPM utilise PropertyTree a cloud-based property management solution to Automate Arrears, Inspection Workflows and provide your clients (and their tenants) with 24/7 open and transparent access to their information in real time.
  • BPM Specialise in facilitating Defects and attending Practical Completion,Handover, Depreciation Schedule and Owner Inspections for you.

Without Bluestone’s Complimentary Property
Investment Advice, The Cycle Breaks Down or is Incomplete

Find out how BPM complete the Property Investment Cycle...

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When I am signing up with Bluestone Poperty Management, I am very sastified with the offerings and service that Jeffrey has provided me. Jeffrey is very professional and approachable. During on the most recent tenancy changes, Jeff has also helped me getting new tenant as soon as possible despite of…

R. De Silva

Jeff and Danielle have looked after my rental from the start and have done a terrific job.  With their current knowledge of the property market, they keep you informed to stay ahead of the game to make the right choices and overcome the challenges – and in a fluctuating financial…

Michael Bell

I have been dealing with Jeffrey for some years now and certainly struck gold when I met him. I am a property investment broker and property manager in Canberra, and I have sent all my clients to him without hesitating. He is extremely dedicated, hardworking and genuinely a nice guy.


Bluestone is managing our two rental properties for many years now and I couldn’t be happier the way they do it. Inspections are always done on time and full report is provided every time. They look after our properties like they are their own. Strongly recommended.


I have used the services of the Blue Stone property management for some years now, managing a number of my client’s properties. I have always found them efficient, easily contactable and focused on my client’s interests. I recommend their services to any future landlords seeking trustworthy property managers who specialise…