Danielle Hunt

Property Manager

Dani brings a wealth and knowledge and experience to the BPM team. Several years of working within the industry have seen Dani gain firsthand experience with the often complicated and convoluted QLD tenancy legislation. Dani possesses an excellent communication and time management skill set that allows her to focus on her clients wants and needs. Additionally, Dani is obsessive about maintaining the value of clients properties; she manages properties as if they were her own, screening quality tenants to ensure maintenance of all properties under her management is to the highest possible standard.

Danielle’s goal is to minimise stress and maximise the yield on your property. She is easily accessible and continually keeping her investors in the loop with any changes in legislation or advancements on their property. Danielle streamlines the complexed property management process while ensuring completion of all procedures using the latest technology available.

Danielle develops utmost trust with her clients by monitoring rental arrears closely, reduces costly vacancy periods and by generally putting more money in her investor’s pockets. She has zero tolerance for breaches of the tenancy agreements and increases rental yields by staying abreast of market conditions.

With a property management mindset, commitment to her role and a genuine passion for property management, Dani’s savvy investors are her number one priority.

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